Why use Social Media Marketing?

Vancouver Lead Generation expert and Social Media Consultant discusses ‘The most important reason that businesses should use Social Media Marketing’:

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What’s the most important reason for businesses to use social media marketing?


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Recently someone told me,  "I don’t understand this Social Media stuff but I do think it’s a good idea.  I can see that it’s definitely the way marketing is moving.  The trouble is the rest of the management team isn’t convinced we should do this.  Give me one overriding reason that demonstrates why we need to do this now rather than wait.  Something that will persuade the rest  of the team to approve this initiative."


I answered in just one word.

"Exposure. " 

Brick and mortar businesses have long known that the more locations they have the better their exposure.  But brick and mortar locations cost a lot.  When it comes to advertising, the same principal applies – and in most cases, traditional advertising also costs a lot. 

Traditionally, businesses are faced with significant costs if they want to increase their exposure significantly.  But now, with the advent of online marketing and the evolving Social Media platforms, this is not necessarily the case any longer.  A good Social Media and a comprehensive strategic online presence allows you to gain hundreds if not thousands of ‘locations’ in the place where people are actively looking for what you sell – and it doesn’t have to increase your costs significantly – certainly nowhere near in proportion to the exposure you will gain.

When online marketing first began emerging, I heard many business owners saying that it wouldn’t work for them because they didn’t want to advertise to the world, they just wanted to get in front of their local market.  The fact is that online marketing is an excellent tool for local marketing – and unlike traditional print and TV advertising, you can implement an organic online advertising strategy with implementation costs that do not increase proportionately with the exposure you gain. The term ‘organic’ simply refers to the fact that the exposure is not paid, it occurs as the result of natural searches on search engines such as Google. 

The primary reason that any business would be interested in gaining as much organic exposure as possible is very simple.  You want to be in the places where your customers and prospects are engaged.    Did you know that 97% of consumers and 92% of businesses search online before making purchases, even when they are purchasing locally?

They look for suppliers of what they want in YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter and on the search engines.   When they come across a supplier, they expect to find at least an interactive web site.  If you’re not visible there or in any number  of other popular internet locations, they simply won’t find you and they’ll give their business to someone who IS there and who has set up a user friendly presence.

Getting a comprehensive online presence, especially one that features well in organic searches, takes time.  It takes time for the material you publish on the internet to be indexed and it takes time for the search engines to see that your activity online is regular and relevant. This is why it’s so important to get your online marketing strategy in place as soon as you can.  Each day that you delay means a delay before your results become visible, and each day you delay you face more competition from others in your market who are seeing the opportunity and taking advantage of it.  If you want to secure and maximize your exposure, begin planning and implementing your strategy right away.  

Having a practical plan will help you to gain consistent exposure and avoid the pitfalls many businesses fall into when faced with the necessity to create and syndicate fresh content on a long term basis.

If you’d like to know more about implementing a Social Media or internet marketing plan for your business, visit http://FocusedLeadGeneration.com where you’ll find more helpful information and you’ll be able to download a free white paper on the subject.


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